Our Team

  • Ekow Thompson

    Chief Operations Officer

    "The one who knows tomorrow lived the day after."

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  • Anthony Getor

    Chief Technical Officer

    "Dynamism is a constant, but while we remain still, the changes will not let us stand still. When we refuse to flow with progress, standing still is moving backward. "

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  • Prosper Harrison Addo, Esq.

    Head, Legal & Corporate Affairs

    "If we could understand what it takes to understand, we may have more than it takes to right the ills of this world. But we know, and that is the problem."

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  • Elinam Horgli

    Elinam Horgli

    Chief Administrative Officer

    ""I believe in dreams, but more importantly I believe in waking up and making them a reality""

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  • Solomon Quaye Tevie

    Financial Controller

    "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."

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