Business Packages

These are the standard packages we provide.If you need a more customised one, you can request a call.

Are you a start up business? Get on SOHO Lite and put your business on the map with the amazing speed of Blu 4G LTE.  Blu, More to Life!!!


This package is designed with businesses that want to move a step ahead in mind. Take your business to next level, interact with more customers and improve your efficiency with Blu 4G LTE. Blu, More to Life!!!

Get your advertizing and competitor research game on point while growing your business with this package. Blu, More to Life!!!

Stay accessible to your clients while engaging in structured information exchange with our reliable and uninterrupted service.

Get a much needed insight of your business, explore opportunities and build your brand with customized packages that suit your business needs. Contact a BBS Rep on 0209335155.