Ghana’s Blu pitches content as the show-stopper for its new LTE service

Ghana’s mobile operators are in danger of being outmaneuvered by the new breed of LTE licencees. The newest kid on the block is Blu which is making content and VideoOnDemand a central part of its service offering. Russell Southwood spoke to its Chief Commercial Officer, Tara Squire.

Ghana’s regulator auctioned off three packages of LTE-usable spectrum and the winners were all independent, locally-owned ISPs: Blu, Surfline (which will also be launching shortly) and Gold Key. Blu’s key investor is local Ghanaian

Ghana: Mobile operators ‘feeling’ Blu

Mobile operators in Ghana are reportedly under pressure from new LTE licencees and competitors hoping to cut into their market share. A report by Balancing Act explains how one independent and locally owned ISP, called Blu, has ruffled the feathers of competitors with its Video on Demand and content focused offering.

The publication spoke to Blu’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tara Squire, about the company’s offering. Squire reportedly acknowledged the central position that content is taking in Blu’s offering, adding that the

Blu readies to launch 4G LTE

Blu Telecoms (formerly G-Kwik net), one of the Ghanaian companies in possession of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)-suitable spectrum, is reportedly planning to launch commercial operations in 2014. According to local news outlet, Modern Ghana, Blu Telecoms CCO Tara Squire said: ‘We know what consumers pay for data on the 3G networks currently and we plan on keeping our tariffs at that level even though we will be giving them way better customer experience and faster internet speeds.’

Blu to be a Consumer Advocate

One of Ghana’s 4G LTE licensees, Blu Telecoms, is gearing up to start operations later this year, and the company says it would use an unusual consumer advocacy strategy to penetrate a market where most players are not trusted by consumers.

Chief Commercial Officer of Blu Telecoms, Tara Squire told Adom Business, “We are fully aware that in this market the consumers do not trust the telcos and so our strategy would be to combine

Blu Telecom’s high speed Wi-Fi is a hit for Accra Mall

The Accra Mall is already reaping the benefits of a high-speed Wi-Fi installation by one of Ghana’s three licensed 4G LTE operators, Blu Telecommunications.

This free service from Blu is the first of its kind at the Accra Mall and it is schedules to end 26th of February.

A statement from Blu said “Visitors to Ghana’s biggest mall are now able to enjoy fast, free internet access at the click of a button – and it’s proving extremely popular with 1000’s signing