Ghana: Mobile operators ‘feeling’ Blu

Mobile operators in Ghana are reportedly under pressure from new LTE licencees and competitors hoping to cut into their market share. A report by Balancing Act explains how one independent and locally owned ISP, called Blu, has ruffled the feathers of competitors with its Video on Demand and content focused offering.

The publication spoke to Blu’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tara Squire, about the company’s offering. Squire reportedly acknowledged the central position that content is taking in Blu’s offering, adding that the business is in the process of engaging local and international companies and that “there will be a user-generated portion of the portal.”

With the ambition to become the country’s “first fully functioning VoD portal”, Squire is said to have underlined the objectives to make both internet access and the payment process easy for locals. In addition to their bundled capacity offerings and an unlimited monthly service, there is also the guarantee of a speed of 6mbps.

“We’ll be providing various value-adds for SMEs online in one space, simple things in Google’s pack of tools for business planning and web design,” Squire is quoted as saying