Blu Telecom’s high speed Wi-Fi is a hit for Accra Mall

The Accra Mall is already reaping the benefits of a high-speed Wi-Fi installation by one of Ghana’s three licensed 4G LTE operators, Blu Telecommunications.

This free service from Blu is the first of its kind at the Accra Mall and it is schedules to end 26th of February.

A statement from Blu said “Visitors to Ghana’s biggest mall are now able to enjoy fast, free internet access at the click of a button – and it’s proving extremely popular with 1000’s signing in to use the service daily.”

It quoted Chief Commercial Officer of Blu, Tara Squire as saying “providing free WiFi is very much about enhancing the experience for the 1000’s who visit the Mall every day and we have certainly achieved that.”

Squire noted that there had been very positive feedback for the on the service, and that was a sign that Ghanaians are ready for the four experience.

He had earlier told Adom Business that Blu would run its business on a strategy of consumer advocacy, and that explains why the company is offering free 4G Wi-Fi service at the Accra Mall ahead of its official launch in Ghana.

As part of its consumer advocacy strategy, the Blu COO has announced that its 4G LTE services would bring broadband speeds never seen in the history of telecoms in Ghana at very affordable prices.

Squire said the Blu would focus on “owning zones” and providing the best internet experience in each zone before moving on to the next.

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer of Blu, Ekow Thomson also stated “as we prepare to launch our 4G service, we are keen to give Ghanaians a taste of the sort of speeds they will be able to enjoy once they sign up with our service.”

He encouraged Ghanaians to visit the Blu stand at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra Mall to find out more about Blu.

4G LTE broadband is up to 10 times faster than 3G, which is what most Ghanaians are used to.

Blu is a wholly Ghanaian owned and managed 4G telecoms company utilizing the latest 4G LTE technology to ensure Ghanaians have superior broadband experience. The company’s goal is to bring fast, reliable and affordable quadruple play services to both enterprise and residential customers. Services will include data, voice, video and mobility.

The company has also hinted it will distribute bandwidth on its 4G network on wholesale, apart from service individual end users. It would launch its own SIM card with ‘025’ numbers and also issue 4G complaint devices like modems, Mi-Fi and others when it launches.

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