[expand title=”What type of devices will Blu sell?” rel=”faq-highlander”]Blu will sell LTE connectivity devices including USB modems (dongles), Mi-Fis (Blu Connect) and Wi-Fi routers (Blu Hub). In addition to the connectivity devices, we will also sell device accessories to help you get the most out of your Internet experience.[/expand]
[expand title=”Will I get a warranty on devices purchased from Blu?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
YES, there is 6 months warranty on device purchase from Blu.[/expand]
[expand title=”What happens if my device is lost or stolen?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
For stolen and misplaced devices, Blu is not responsible for replacing such devices. However, you can reach a Blu Rep by calling our toll-free number on 0800.10.888 or the Contact Center on 0302.746.888.or visit any of our shops for support.[/expand]
[expand title=”What do I do if my device is faulty?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Please see our technical support team by visiting any of our shops or a Blu Rep by calling our toll-free number on 0800.10.888 or the Contact Centre on 0302.746.888 for help with your faulty device.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I use my Blu chip to make voice calls?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
This service is currently unavailable.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I port to and from Blu?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
The option to port to or from Blu is currently not available.[/expand]
[expand title=”Why do i need my alternate number and email when I sign up for your services?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Blu’s LTE network currently cannot be used to make or receive voice calls and SMS. Hence when there is a need to contact you regarding any activities related to your service, we will contact you via the alternate number or email.[/expand]
[expand title=”How do I turn off my Wi-Fi?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Long press the power button till the screen goes off.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I determine the number of users on my Wi-Fi?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Yes, by checking the number attached to “Wi-Fi” logo on the Mi-Fi; each number corresponds to the number of users on your Mi-Fi.[/expand]
[expand title=”How do I reset my Mi-Fi back to factory settings?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
You can reset to factory settings by gently pressing the reset button when you open the back case of the Mi-Fi.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I change the access password (Wi-Fi Key) that has been set on my Mi-Fi?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
You can change the access password (Wi-Fi Key) by following the following steps:

  1. On your usage device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc), type in the address box and press enter.
  2. Click on the Settings box on the Menu bar.
  3. Click on the WLAN Basic Settings on the left side of the interface.
  4. Change the password to your desired password and click on the Apply button below.

[expand title=”Can I use a USB cable to connect the Blu Mi-Fi?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Yes, a USB cable can be used to connect the Blu Mi-Fi to any device with a USB port and a compatible operating system.[/expand]
[expand title=”When I take the rechargeable battery out of the Blu Mi-fi device can I still connect using a USB cable?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
No, you need to keep the battery inserted in the device at all times so as to enable you use it.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can the Mi-Fi serve as a storage device?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
No, the Mi-Fi does not serve as a storage device.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I use other devices on Blu’s service?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Yes, if the following requirements are met:

  1. LTE-enabled (verify from the device’s box or manual)
  2. Can operate on LTE band 41 FDD, frequency range (verify from the device’s box or manual)
  3. Unlocked
  4. Has a SIM card slot.

[expand title=”How do I view my password on the Blu Link (Mi-Fi)?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Double press the WPS button and your user/ Wi-Fi name and password would be displayed on the screen.[/expand]
[expand title=”How can I find out the number of users connected to my Wi-Fi?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
You can find out the number of users on the Mi-Fi by checking the number by the “Wi-Fi” logo on the screen of the Mi-Fi.[/expand]
[expand title=”How do I turn the wifi on, when using the Blu Hub (Router)?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
You can turn the Wi-Fi on by pressing the WLAN button at the side of the router.[/expand]
[expand title=”How different is a Blu Link (Mi-Fi) from the Blu Hub (Router)?” rel=”faq-highlander”]

The Blu Link (Mi-Fi) can connect up to 11 users (10 Wi-Fi + 1 USB) whereas the Blu Hub (Router) can connect to 32 users.

The Blu Link( Mi-Fi) is smaller in size and hence portable compared to the Blu Hub (Router)
[expand title=”How can i get more information about Blu?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
General Enquiries:

Customer Care:
[expand title=”What is the range of our wireless terminals?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
In an ideal situation with no physical obstructions or any interference with the signal, the range of the Mi-Fi is 100m and that of the router is 150m.[/expand]
[expand title=”Where can I locate Blu shops?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
You can locate one of the Blu shops at the Blu Headquarter, Sakumono: the building right after the Allied Oil Station.[/expand]
[expand title=”At what time do they open and close?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
They open from 8am to 5pm on weekdays and 11am to 4pm on Saturdays.[/expand]


[expand title=”What is 4G or LTE?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution” – it is a radio access technology to deliver very high speeds. 4G is a Standard in Mobile Network Technology and stands for “Fourth Generation”-the latest after 2G and 3G which gives you a faster and rich internet experience.[/expand]
[expand title=”Is 4G the same as LTE?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Short answer? Yes. 4G is often referred to as LTE which stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’. Different handset manufacturers refer to both terms, so on an iPhone you will see ‘LTE’ on the screen (when in 4G coverage) and in your menu settings, whereas on Android devices you could have both ‘4G’ and ‘LTE’ on your screen and in menu settings.[/expand]
[expand title=”What is the difference between 4G and 3G?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Simply – speed. 4G provides speeds up to 10 times faster (2-40Mbps) than the current average 3G network speeds (1Mbps average). The evolution can be documented as follows:

GPRS: refers to a service on the 2G network that provides basic data up to 56kbps (similar to dial-up speeds).

EDGE: It is a 2.5G technology. An enhancement of the 2G technology which provides higher data transfer rates compared to GPRS (the default on 2G).The speeds can go up to 144 Kbps.

3G: 3G technology provides faster / higher data transfer rates compared to the 2G network (EDGE & GPRS).This technology theoretically can offer speeds between 1-21 Mbps.

4G: This technology rides on LTE platform and is the latest in the world of mobile data transfer. It is the next generation of mobile communications. Currently it is the most advanced technology available. Theoretical data downlink speeds range between 2-100 Mbps.

Being the latest platform of mobile communications 4G – LTE can enable real mobile (wireless) broadband experience. 4G provides up to 10 times faster speeds than 3G making it suitable for all types of high speed applications and services. 4G is also touted to be the fastest wireless internet service.
[/expand][expand title=”Will 4G make my phone faster?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
No. The 4G connection only affects and improves data connection speed. So to harness the power and speed of 4G LTE service, you need to upgrade to a smartphone or LTE compatible device.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I switch between 2G, 3G and 4G?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
A multi-mode LTE device will support 2G / 3G / 4G networks and makes switching possible. This is a feature available on your handset. On an iPhone for instance, just go to settings on your handset and swipe the ‘Enable LTE’ feature backwards to disable 4G on your smartphone. This will disable 4G and keep you active on 2G/3G only. Please disable LTE on your iPhone by going to: SETTINGS > CELLULAR/MOBILE >DISABLE LTE[/expand]
[expand title=”How will I know where 4G is?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Once there is 4G connectivity or coverage, either 4G or LTE will appear on your screen depending on the type of device you use.[/expand]
[expand title=”Do I need a new SIM phone card?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Yes you do, a Universal Subscriber Identification Module or a USIM. The regular 3G SIMs hold up to 64 kbs of data but the USIM holds 128kbs.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I upgrade/exchange my 3G dongle to a 4G dongle?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Unfortunately, no such exchange program or promotion exists. You have to buy a 4G dongle as the 3G dongles cannot work on the 4G network.[/expand]
[expand title=”How can I activate 4G?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Walk into any of our retail shops, kiosks or client centres to purchase a USIM and/or device. Visit for more information or call our toll free line 0800.10.888 for assistance.[/expand]
[expand title=”Are 4G data packages more expensive than 3G data packages?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
4G tariffs are similar to 3G tariffs hence your bill or frequency of top-ups will depend on your usage only.[/expand]
[expand title=”What can I do with 4G?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
4G offers up to 10 times faster internet than 3G speeds, which means you get the fastest ever mobile internet experience on your smartphone via 4G. With these speeds you can do all of the following with much more ease:

a. High-speed internet access on your mobile.

b. Access rich content and multimedia applications e.g.: Movies, HD videos, e-learning, HD content and more.

c. Multiple downloads of heavy files, high definition multimedia content at the same time will be possible.

d. Higher uplink and downlink speeds.

e. Seamless online streaming – ZERO buffering.

f. Real time online gaming.

g. Become a high-speed hotspot, share your 4G speeds with your friends by tethering on your smart phone.
[expand title=”If 4G is faster, does it mean I will use up my data bundles faster?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
4G speeds are faster and hence the more you browse/download, the more data you consume out of your respective plan. It is suggested to use the plan option which is according to your monthly data requirement on your smartphone. If you do consume your data quota, you’ll have options to upgrade your tariff plan, and you also have the option to buy top-ups to continue on hi-speed 4G internet experience.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I turn 4G on/off?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
You can deactivate 4G in your phone or tablet’s menu settings. This lets you easily turn it off and on when you want. However, if you choose this option and update your phone or tablet’s software in the future, 4G may default back ‘on’, so watch out for that.[/expand]
[expand title=”Will speeds drop with more people using the service?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Mobile networks are set up such that there is fixed bandwidth per installation site. This means the bandwidth for a particular installation, cell site or connection will be shared across all the connected users. In short, the more people using a service, the slower it becomes. The whole idea of 4G is to have a whole lot more bandwidth to share among users but this may slow down the overall service a little.[/expand]
[expand title=”Where can I buy 4G devices?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
Visit our website to find out the location of our service center or kiosk closest to you. Or call 0302.746.888 for assistance.[/expand]
[expand title=”How fast, in real world terms, is 4G?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
It is impressively fast. Current speeds on 3G average around 1-2mbps on very good days. However, though 4G can give up to a whopping 150mbps in theory, real world speeds can average between 5 and 21mbps, which remains overwhelming.[/expand]
[expand title=”Why do I need 4G?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
There is no better internet experience than with 4G LTE technology. Faster download and upload times, seamless streaming, and quality high speed internet characterize this amazing modern technology. The world is moving rapidly and to stay relevant you need to move at the same pace. LTE technology is the pace setter.[/expand]
[expand title=”What does 4G mean to a business?” rel=”faq-highlander”]
In today’s fast paced business environment, where everyone is on the go at any point in time, 4G technology allows for easy access, communication and transfers. Split second decisions have never been made with such ease n.[/expand]