Why choose Blu business?

At Blu Business Solutions, we believe in quality service delivery and we support this by the enormous innovative technology solutions we have at our disposal. Blu Business Solutions, also known as BBS, delivers superior data services, leveraging on our state-of-the-art LTE 4G technologies; we deploys superior data services, Microwave and Fiber solutions on MPLS platform.

BBS is a business unit within Blu Telecommunications with direct focus on SMEs and Corporates. Our commitment is to deliver on high quality of service providing businesses with high security, faster data speeds and better latencies.

We are here to provide superior data and internet connectivity, co-location services, customer support and network security services. Our clients include government agencies, private enterprises, financial institutions and multinational corporations. Companies who need and demand superior service choose BBS.

We have innovative solutions, particularly for SMEs, which allow them to focus on their core-businesses while we ensure they are provided with the connectivity they require. BBS offers unrivalled customer service focused on prompt and efficient responses to client needs. We ensure mutually acceptable SLAs are in place prior to activating a service.

Doing business with BBS is simple and direct. We are ready to do business with corporate Ghana.

Blu Telecommunications